ANNA MIRANI : New single "Loving Me"

Available on September 1st !

Singer, songwriter, producer and beautiful girl Anna Mirani was born and raised in Siberia. She started composing songs at the age of 9, teaching herself to play instruments to write and make harmonies. Her first stage experience was at 10. When she was discovered performing pop music on numerous stages in Russia she got a scholarship for music talents in Germany. After attending the renowned ​ Stage School in Hamburg she developed the taste for songwriting and started to see her artistic vision come to life. "Writing songs helps me to capture the happiness and love of life and combining it with music makes me want to move and have a good time. When I sing I love being able looking into my fan's eyes and impress them with my passion for music. On stage, I breathe the energy of life and it makes me feel so creative!

About : "My latest single "Loving Me" is nostalgia for summer... Everybody comes back from their holidays, maybe they met first love in summer... This song is about summer ending. Autumn romantic sadness..." Her new highly anticipated beautiful acoustic song with soft vocals came out on September 1st."

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Christophe SOUSA

Christophe SOUSA

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