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Automatic Writing Digital is back for its second release !

Automatic Writing Digital is back for its second release !

This 2nd release showcases some of the label’s familiar faces and newcomers.

Various Artists - Psychographs EP [ATWTD02]
1 - Gab Jr. - Jamy's Rock
2 - Sweely - Make The Connection
3 - Gabriel Belabbas - What Now?
4 - Delorean - Riffindor
5 - Ronecha - Subutex

Gab Jr. is opening this opus with the funky "Jamy’s Rock", playing around with guitar samples and a groovy bassline.
Sweely follows up with "Make The Connection", a deep groover that perfectly reflects his style.
Paris-based producer Gabriel Belabbas makes a remarkable first appearance on the label with "What Now?", a tribute to the UK house sound.
We’re also proud to present you "Riffindor", the first release of Berlin-based Argentinian producer Delorean.
To close this first digital VA, The mysterious Ronecha duo (that you probably already know under another moniker...) drops a minimalist psychedelic trip : "Subutex".

The result is a colorful patchwork of minimal house infused tracks automatically written for the dancefloor !

All our back catalogue is also available on our Bandcamp !

Guillaume JAMET
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