The balcony tenor takes his lyrical flight

Stéphane Sénéchal, who became known under the pseudonym 'the balcony tenor', arrives with 'Love From A Balcony', his very first single.

Who is Stéphane Sénéchal?

Currently residing in Paris,Stéphane Sénéchal is a passionate artist who began his artistic journey with the piano, an instrument that introduced him to the world of music. His love for voices, in all their diversity and regardless of style, naturally led him to opera, where he was captivated by the power and emotional impact of the notes.

Immersed in this world, he discovered a fascinating realm that can easily be perceived as closed and intimidating. His single, born from this experience, aims to open the doors of opera to a broader audience. Known by the media, such as Le Parisien, for singing from his balcony during the COVID-19 quarantine, he has made a memorable impression with his presence and his art.

The story of the balcony tenor

The story of his project is intimately linked to the lockdown. While rehearsing the role of 'Don José' in the opera 'Carmen' at home, he had the idea to open his window to offer opera to his entire neighborhood. This initiative, aimed at spreading smiles among his neighbors, became a daily habit, attracting media and public attention. Motivated by this reception, he decided to expand his repertoire to include pop rock.

The lockdown period was thus a key moment in his career, marking both the democratization of his approach to opera and the rise of his fame as a lyrical singer. It also served as the catalyst for a bold transition from opera to pop rock, while preserving his original musical identity. For him, this transition is also a way to demonstrate that opera is not elitist. Media rankings (CNN, ABC News, Le Parisien, and Nouvel Obs) have listed Stéphane Sénéchal among the most notable musical personalities of 2020. Named a knight of arts and letters, Stéphane Sénéchal remains attached to his classical roots while projecting himself towards modernity.

Focus on 'Love From A Balcony'"

Love From A Balcony' is not just a song, it's an anthem to solidarity and hope. Drawing inspiration from his iconic performances from his balcony, where he shared the magic of opera with his neighborhood, this single captures the essence of those magical moments. Stéphane Sénéchal has used his art to bring people together in uncertain times, proving that music has the power to break barriers and unite hearts.

The title was written by the author Marisol Delevié and musically composed by Brian BecVar, both based in Los Angeles. For the guitar part, Marty Friedman, a true virtuoso of the electric guitar, is featured. Regarding the music video, it is a must-watch. For this project, Stéphane Sénéchal collaborates with director Adrian Salman, cameraman Nicolas Garriga, and photographers David Ken and JR.Galinon.

Love From A Balcony' will therefore be available on all platforms on March 1, 2024. Listen to it, share it, and let yourself be transported by this work of love and solidarity.

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