Manu Chevalier is back with a new track.

Continuously pushing the boundaries of genre and style, artist Manu Chevalier presents 'Put’em up,' a project that blends rap, singing, and disco-funk.

Who is Manu Chevalier?

Originally from Marseille, Manu Chevalier he is a passionate musician, performer, composer, and producer. He collaborates with artists from diverse backgrounds, seeking constant harmony.

Coming from a family of musicians, he was immersed in this art from an early age. His sisters are teachers, his mother teaches piano, so it was only natural for young Manu Chevalier to take a keen interest in music. He began learning drums and music theory before turning away from it for several years.

It was at the age of 27, when he discovered bossa nova, particularly Stan Getz, that he decided to learn the saxophone. This instrument became a true passion for the future artist, who began to further develop his musical culture.

Manu Chevalier he dabbles in various styles. Originally, he was heavily oriented towards jazz and bossa nova, then he delved more into soul and funk, disco, as well as many other musical universes. His art eventually becomes very eclectic.

After undertaking various musical projects, he embarked on a course at the IMFP school in Salon-de-Provence, where he refined his artistic and musical technique.

Subsequently, Manu Chevalier joined an orchestra and eventually decided to devote himself full-time to composition. He sought assistance from a training program in London, the Songwriting Academy, where he revisited the basic principles of his art.

Focus on 'Put’em up' (Manu Chevalier Disco/Funk Remix)

Put’em up' is a vibrant tribute to disco-funk, originally composed under the title "Raise 'em up" by the artist/Rapper Jethro Sheeran aka AloneStar, with vocal participation from his cousin Ed Sheeran.


Using Jethro's rap vocal tracks, as well as Ed Sheeran's singing, Manu Chevalier completely rebuilt the song's structure and instrumentation. In this new version, Manu Chevalier not only revisits the arrangements but also infuses the track with innovative elements, offering a completely new experience.

At the request of AloneStar, Manu Chevalier incorporates an unreleased freestyle from artist Snoop Dogg, thereby elevating the track with a modern and surprising touch. In addition to transforming the structure, chords, and instrumentation, Manu Chevalier also enriches the track with his own vocal harmonies, adding a personal and unique dimension.

"Put ’em up", Available since February 15th, it's a significant challenge, but results in a musically enriching piece, skillfully blending the roots of rap and singing with the vibrant energy of funk.

Christophe SOUSA

Christophe SOUSA

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