Nave and the Ghost Collectors is a new explosive band on the Norwegian indie rock-scene, straight from Bergen. The independent band proves that it is an innovative and energetic sound to be heard and reckoned with. Nave & The Ghost Collectors take inspiration from several musical worlds; navigating the powerful rhythms of rock, soul, funk, hints of blues and combining all of these to make a new unique independent sound.

Each member of the band brings his own energy and talent. What they offer is new, exciting and refreshing. Singer, Nave, is a committed lyricist and a phenomenal harmonica player; with a vision to bring the harmonica into the mainstream. On the bass, Kristoff makes an undeniably strong presence in the music and in charge of the groove. Martin with his moving guitar solos, will take you on a beautiful soul journey. And finally, Lars, a true drum-wizard that casts a spell on the audience, making them stomp their feet to the beat.

Nave & The Ghost Collectors’ music is created through a continuous, dynamic and a creative collaboration where everyone contributes with their ideas and musical qualities. They draw inspiration from everything: The questions on climate change, science, space, politics, relationships and love.


This music video tells the second part of the story of the "Ghost Collector" character, played by Nave. In the first video, "Ghost Collector", The Collector ​ is tasked to hunt and find a lonely female ghost, in a tower. He draws her into one of his harmonicas which he carries in his chest. In this next video, The Ghost Collector is called to collect a demon in a cave. This time, he needs help from his three colleagues, in order to capture the demon. The story of the video is a metaphor for our inner-fears and how we all need to fight them together.

Nave & The Ghost Collectors create songs that represent the deepest and most enduring musical traditions of our planet. The album is comprised of 8 songs, each unique and fresh in its own way, but with a red-thread connecting them to the band’s unique sound. The album is their latest LP, a mix of flavours that combines the feel-good vibes of the old, with the modern and innovative vibes of today. Making an authentic and interesting sound. As always with Nave & The Ghost Collectors, the lyrics make sense. The album covers various topics :

The song "Pale Blue Dot", a single already released in July 2019, tells the beautiful story and the success of the satellite Voyager 1 which went into space with the gold disc. In the clip, the gold disc returns to earth as a message from our celestial neighbors.

The song "Shadows" is inspired by the allegory of Plato’s cave on the reality of life and questions about our quality of life. "Hit The Flame" is a song about desire and sex; just listen to it, and you’ll understand. "One Of A Kind" Is an energetic rhythm. The song is built up on a party-funk-soul-blues-feel, on the longing and craving of love from a woman. ​
"I’m A Corrupted Politician" is about the confession of a corrupt politician to himself, and a peoples longing for hope and change. "The Star’s Jam" is one of the last songs of the album. A great musical celebration highlighting each member of the band: A harmonica game perfectly mastered by Nave, the bass guitar of Kristoffer always innovative and leading the dance, Martin’s moving guitar solos and Lars' wild drums to make us want to dance.

"Win it" The last song on the album, puts emphasis on the belief in oneself and others, to overcome obstacles.

As you will understand from listening to the album, it is varied and brings a real Norwegian breath, full of freshness and innovation. The band’s full spectrum of talent is clearly represented in this album.

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