The album "Motion Blur" by Origins of Nebulae

After shining with the release of the single "Fallin’ Cucumber", the band Origins of Nebulae hits hard with a new album, "Motion Blur", which we invite you to discover today.


Who is Origins of Nebulae?


Formed in Marseille, the band is built on a solid friendship between Gwendan Percevault, Marin Boutonnet, Damien Lazzarini, and later, Dylan De Angelis. Their meeting in high school marks the beginning of an exciting musical adventure, at the origins of a project that would later become Origins of Nebulae. From the start, they chose to compose together, favoring a collective musical creation that led to their first album in 2017, "Keep Breathing".

Their artistic approach, focused on live performances and the exploration of new musical universes, demonstrates their desire to reach a wide audience while staying true to their indie rock and alternative rock roots. Their music, characterized by an ethereal atmosphere and rich instrumental parts, invites escapism and offers a relaxing and immersive adventure.

The band's story Origins of Nebulae is marked by a constant evolution, from their beginnings in high school to the consolidation of their project. Their path, dotted with concerts, showcases, and musical residencies, demonstrates their commitment and passion for music. With the upcoming release of their second album "Motion Blur," the band is ready to take a new step in their career. This new album reflects their artistic growth and their intention to push the boundaries of their musical expression. Stemming from a first album that was much more rock, this brand-new project illustrates their intention to move towards a more ethereal, more instrumental atmosphere.


Origins of Nebulae remains true to its original idea: to create music that allows people to escape, offering a unique sonic refuge for those looking to disconnect from the daily tumult.

The album "Motion Blur"


"Motion Blur" is a vibrant homage to the nuances of nature and emotional complexity, skillfully blending the alternative rock of the 90s and 2000s with innovative sonic experiences.

Far from traditional structures, the album offers a musical adventure where two lead voices converse, complementing each other in a symphony of textures and rhythms. The ethereal electric guitars and sophisticated arrangements create a kinetic blur effect, a dynamic progression that transforms the simple into the extraordinary. The lyrics poetically and originally explore the minute details of existence, inviting reflection on the insignificant made significant.

"The Moon Will Rise Again": the powerful single from this album

The title of this second single echoes the instrumental song "The Sun Will Stop Shining" from the band's first album. This love story, carried here towards hope, honors the moon, a beacon that illuminates and guides through the night.

The cover, featuring a shrimp fishing for a moon on a volcano, symbolizes the essence of the album: a surprising and stellar assembly that awakens emotion and imagination. With "Motion Blur", releasing on April 5th, Origins of Nebulae celebrates musical and lyrical innovation, an invitation to perceive the world in a new light, where every detail holds unexpected beauty.

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